Potential Reasons Why Your Work Sucks

  1. Because you don’t know what you’re doing
  2. Because you know what you’re doing but you’re unconfident
  3. Because you’re too nice and people walk on you
  4. Because you’re too mean and people can’t stand to be around you
  5. Because you over-committed yourself
  6. Because you don’t know where to start
  7. Because the people you’re working with can’t communicate
  8. Because you can’t communicate
  9. Because you didn’t sleep enough last night
  10. Because you’re underpaid
  11. Because your boss is an asshole
  12. Because you’re an asshole
  13. Because you don’t like what you’re doing
  14. Because you didn’t chase your dream
  15. Because you procrastinate too much
  16. Because you waited till the last minute and now it’s an emergency for everyone else
  17. Because you’re afraid to ask for help
  18. Because you have too much coming at you at once
  19. Because you can’t focus
  20. Because you never finish anything
  21. Because you’re always having to bail someone out
  22. Because you’re too scared to say it like it is
  23. Because you’re in-direct
  24. Because you’re too direct
  25. Because you have a long drive and have to sit in traffic and who the hell wants to sit in traffic?
  26. Because you don’t fit in
  27. Because they look to you as the leader
  28. Because it’s data entry
  29. Because everything’s a rush job
  30. Because you don’t have enough time
  31. Because someone else always takes the credit
  32. Because praise makes you feel uncomfortable
  33. Because you’re too judgemental and never give it a chance
  34. Because you don’t get the good projects
  35. Because you always get the complicated projects
  36. Because people might judge you

There’s always a reason when it sucks. What’s yours?

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