Marketing Eyes

I’ve made a career out of studying marketing and sales.

If I’m not careful, it can get to me. Because the more you know about marketing, the more it changes the way you view the world. You’ll start to see that almost nothing is genuine.

Nearly all news stories that are on TV are pushed by a pitch. There’s an angle. Not talking about natural disasters or crimes, rather political, science, tech and most certinaly business stories. There’s a publicist pushing the piece.

Awards are fought for, not just given.

Books are made a specific thickness, not because that how people should learn and get the best information. But because they sell better that way.

The best advertisers are seldomly the best products or services. Usually, the best products and services come from the smaller companies that don’t have the wherewithal to know how to market.

And you and I are the product on social media.

Every action you see a company take, you should look at it through the lens of their marketing benefit. They’re not doing it to be truly altruistic. It’s for earned media or something that drives sales. And this is okay. It’s capatilism. Just know, it’s part of a strategy, not kind spontaneity.

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