Do You Change or Are You the Changer?

Just because you see something happening, doesn’t mean you need to let it happen. You can be the catylst for change. All too often I see people that complain about being treated a certain way, whether it’s in a business situation or in a personal one, yet they follow suit and treat others the sameContinue reading “Do You Change or Are You the Changer?”

Use Streaks to Form & Break Habits

Early on I noticed creating a streak made things easier. When it came to habits, I would think less. It was just there. It was nearly automated. The power is in the streak, the consecutive number of days we’ve done something. And this is the same whether it’s flossing teeth, meditating or even writing. TheContinue reading “Use Streaks to Form & Break Habits”

Practice the Process When You Can’t Write

You’re lost. You feel drained. You want to do something, but it seems like there’s a block. For some reason, you can’t. You can’t write. You can’t speak. You can barely think. You have no control over moving forward. There’s no momentum because there’s no movement. Chances are you’re focusing on the wrong thing. YouContinue reading “Practice the Process When You Can’t Write”