Blooper Reels

Blooper reels. They’re only funny to those that are in the reels. And sometimes, just sometimes, they’re funny to those that personally know the people. 

Overall, they’re self-serving. 

It’s not like it’s a skateboard video where guys are wracking their nuts attempting to do a rail slide. That’s a real feat there. Someone doing something you can’t do and the worst happens. People find this entertaining. I get it. 

But blooper reels? They’re just people not getting their lines right making mistakes and laughing. They’re outtakes. 

On the other hand, if you throw in some improv with a true professional, that’s a different story. 

What I’m talking about are commercial video productions. Think how-to videos, TV commercials, brand storytelling, etc. 

Save the space on your hard drive. Just say no to the blooper reels. 

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