Confidence vs. Overconfident

The line between these two is so narrow it’s nearly indistinguishable.

One minute you think everything is perfect, you got this, and you’re in the proverbial zone. And then you lose.

This can be in a sales pitch or a golf game or anywhere you have a method or process that you follow.

And what’s worse, is you can only look back and realize you were overconfident. This isn’t something you see going into it because you feel confident.

But when you have the confidence, it’s real power. You glide where you would fall and tumble in the past. You don’t second guess, you win and it’s perpetual. Confidence is key. This is mastery, expertise; this where we all want to be and what we strive for.

But the unfortunate truth is we have to learn when we get overconfident. We need to look at when that happens, acknowledge it and determine why it’s occurring.

Are you rushing? Are you preparing like you normally do? Are you going through all the motions? What’s different?

As you learn where you get overconfident, it should arise less if you keep your practice in place and your skills honed.

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