Taking Credit

Taking credit is a funny thing.

At first glance, it’s bragging. We want to have everyone acknowledge something. In most cases, this is how great we think we are based on some action.

“I called it.”

“You see that. I did that. I’m great.”

“All this is because of me.”

Hold back from pounding your chest. No one likes a braggart or a pompous ass. It makes you look weak and needy in any circumstance. If no one asks, don’t brag.

The only time you should boast about your accomplishments is if you’re in a job interview or looking for a raise during a review. Feel free to tell your boss what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve contributed, or what you’ve done. Take the credit.

But be careful. There’s a fine line between saying “here’s how I contributed and what I’ve done” vs. “I’m amazing because I ran half a marathon.”

Now, another thing about credit, don’t take it when it’s not yours to take. This is even worse, I dare say a cardinal sin. At a minimum share it, but don’t act like you did something when you didn’t. If it’s a colleague or your employee, give them the credit. It’s there’s. Be a leader. A strong one.

So how do you get credit from those around you?

Easy. Stop looking for it. Do your job, take the actions, focus on the process, the work and earn it. It naturally comes.

If you’re so desiring credit, something else is missing.

But when you do get acknowledged for something, just take the compliment and be humble.

Or as the great Walther Payton would say, “act like you’ve been there before.”

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