Become the Expert of You

You read about how to be better, live better. You hear from others on how to lose weight, be happier, smarter. There’s always a new book out or an article. 

But what do you actually know about you? Do you trust yourself? Do you know your breaking points?

Do you know what you should and shouldn’t eat?

Do you know how many hours you sleep a night and the optimal time to go to bed?

Do you know what makes you tired?

How about when you should exercise? 

Journal. Keep track of everything that’s a variable in your life. Know what slows you down and what gets you closer to what you want. 

You have a phone. You don’t need a pen and a nifty leather back journal. Just start taking notes. Little by little you’ll get the data you need to make better decisions about you. 

You’ll become an expert on you. 

Start by tracking what you eat, how long you sleep and how often you exercise. This is the foundation of you. Make it a habit. 

Because when you execute the basics, everything else falls in line. 

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